Sending Linens to RPI

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has arranged a practical, convenient solution to providing brand new, first quality, linens for students.

Students and/or parent's of the students can now order their linens online !

When ordering linens, please keep in mind, the Rensselaer Student Mail Center will begin to accept the linen deliveries on August 1st.

Please DO NOT have your orders shipped/delivered before the August 1st date.

Once delivered to the Rensselaer Student Mail Center, an email will be sent to the student for confirmation of the delivery and retrieval of the package.

To contact the Student Mail Center by phone: (518) 276-2707

To contact the Student Living & Learning office by phone: (518) 276-6284


For addressing information, please click here under the heading of Proper Addressing of Student Mail.


Thank you.