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  1. For a person:
    • Enter all or part of a person's name or job title.
    • For the simplest search, enter only the first or last name.
  2. For an organization:
    • Enter all or part of an organization's name.
    • Enter a department's official abbreviation (curricula not available).
  3. Using advanced features:
    • Use wildcard * for variant spellings and partial matching (lower case only). Ex: d*n will find Dan, Don, Dion, etc., and mich* will find Michael, Michele, Michalson, etc.
    • Boolean AND, OR, and NOT (upper case) may be used to refine a search.
    • Enter exact phrases in double quotes. Ex: "John Doe".

How to update your directory information:

Members of the Rensselaer community may update their directory information using DirInfo

How to contact Rensselaer:

Please visit our list of Rensselaer contacts and pick the contact that best suits your question.